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Kathy Mackey—Creating Professional Websites Since 2004!

Hi, I’m Kathy Mackey of Kathy Mackey Design. I’ve been creating professional, reasonably priced websites for small to midsize businesses since 2004—for construction contractors, tradesmen, condo associations, property management companies, landscapers, engineers, lawyers, healthcare practitioners, real estate professionals, and more.

Experience, Expertise & a Personalized Approach

Website design has changed a lot over the years, and many web design companies have come and gone. Why? I believe it’s a lack of attention to customer service and a genuine, personalized approach. And maybe an inability to keep up with the changing times. From HTML sites, to WordPress, to site builders and GoDaddy, Kathy Mackey Design has kept up with the changes in website design.

When You Call Kathy Mackey, That’s Who You Get…

…NOT a voicemail that asks you to press a series of numbers or a wait time that’s ridiculous. You get a live, local person who can’t wait to share her time and expertise on the design of your new website.

A graduate of Bridgewater State College with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a certificate in Computer Graphics and Web Design, I own my own business and previously had worked for more than 10 years in the construction industry as a sales representative and project estimator. This experience gave me a valuable understanding of small businesses and a desire to establish loyal relationships with clients.

So if you want a website that comes with excellent support, come to Kathy Mackey. Avoid the frustration of web hosts and online companies where you get a different rep each call, and a plethora of emails that you don’t understand. Not to mention their attempts to upsell you every time you turn around! At Kathy Mackey Design I have the client in mind and only set them up with what they need.

You’ll Own Your Site & Everything on It.

It’s important to note that the website components I use are NOT proprietary. Many web hosts and online services tell you that you can keep the site if you leave their services, but fail to mention that they’ve used proprietary themes that cannot be updated, causing issues. Kathy Mackey Design uses premium themes and plug-ins that are NOT PROPRIETARY.

Call Today!

Come to Kathy Mackey Design and get a site with rock-solid security; blazing fast performance; out-of-the-box SEO; beautiful, mobile-responsive designs; and ultra-flexible foundational code. A site designed just for YOUR business.

Kathy Mackey of Kathy Mackey Design

Kathy Mackey

Kathy Mackey of Kathy Mackey Design

Kathy is a web designer & front-end developer specializing in WordPress.